How to make the most of your small bathroom

How to make the most of your small bathroom

In most houses and flats, bathrooms tend to be the smallest room. They are often full of fittings that give the bathroom a very cramped appearance.

At Aphex Homes, we have devised a list to help you make the most out of your small bathroom.

Door opening

Changing the hinges has a massive impact on space in the bathroom. By ensuring the door, opens away from the bathroom will create lots of space, as the door will no longer intrude into the bathroom.

Choose the right fittings

To make the most out of the limited space, you should choose minimalist modern fittings that are designed specifically for small bathrooms. Installing a small toilet with a hidden cistern which is back-to-wall or wall mounted can help save space. Another great feature would be to remove the basin stand and have a wall mounted basin. Choosing these two features will open your bathroom up and create masses of space


Bar their practical use, mirrors are very useful in that they can help create the illusion of space. Careful placing of mirrors on certain walls will also increase space.

Gray and concrete bathroom interior with a concrete floor, a shower stall, a double sink on a vanity unit and a large mirror. 3d rendering mock up

Light & windows

Light can be used to create a clever illusion of space. Windows can be used to allow more natural light into your bathroom. Alternatively cleverly placed lighting also has a good impact on space.

Colours & paint

Choosing one colour for your bathroom can help create a monochromatic look which increases space. The use of one colour creates a uniformed look. Differing hues of the same colour can also be used. Painting the ceiling a different colour which complements the walls will add space.

Storage units

Instead of having space consuming units, you should creatively store your items. A great place to store items would be above your bathroom door. Open storage units that are incorporated around pre-existing features is a great way to increase space.

Glass enclosure for shower or bath

This will enclose shower and bathroom in a subtle way, and it is less visually divisive than shower curtains.

Use of floor tiles

Using large patterned tiles with a subtle edge can add to the visual illusion of space. This will help minimise obstructions to the eye.

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