Wet rooms

Wet rooms

Are you sick of the same old traditional bathroom?

Do you want a radical and exciting way to shower?

At Aphex Homes, we have devised a guide to help our customers decide what options are right for them and their bathroom.

Wet room or shower tray

The wet room is extremely different to the normal traditional bathroom in many ways. One of the main stand-out differences is that the wet room does not have a built-in shower enclosure or bath which is often the centrepiece of most bathrooms. In effect, the whole room becomes a shower enclosure. Wet rooms are also fully tiled and have a special waterproof tiled floor that is specifically designed to drain away any water from the shower area. One of the huge benefits of a wet room is that it is far easier to clean than traditional bathrooms as it is one flat surface with no hidden areas for dust and bacteria to collect. You will be able to save lots of valuable space by having a wet room installed into your bathroom. By combining the wet room with a wall hung toilet and sink, will help to make your bathroom appear more spacious.

If you are unsure of the idea of a totally flat surface, we can install a shower tray to collect the water from showering; this will point towards the drain and will draw away the water. Similar to a wet room, a shower tray will enable you to save lots of space in your bathroom. The traditional bath is old fashioned, and takes up too much room and many homeowners find themselves not using the bath at all. The shower tray is very easy to clean and will help open up your bathroom in terms of space.

Wet room or shower enclosure

As previously discussed, there are many benefits to a wet room but for some homeowners this is a step far too radical. Many homeowners are put off as a wet room does not match their ideas of what a bathroom should be like.

If you want a more traditional bathroom with a conventional and modern twist, a shower enclosure is the perfect choice. One obvious benefit of a shower enclosure is that it will open up your bathroom and make it more spacious than ever before. A shower enclosure will give your bathroom a very inviting and luxurious feel. The water from the shower will only collect in the shower enclosure area and will not be spread out throughout the whole bathroom. When you have a shower enclosure installed by Aphex Homes, it will give your home an updated and modern, streamlined look.

Wet room or walk in shower

Wet rooms are growing in popularity as many homeowners realise the advantages that a wet room can provide their home. However, a wet room is not suitable for every homeowner and every property.

A walk-in shower is a very flexible option, and it is great for customers who are elderly or have mobility problems. Access to showering will be easier than ever before as you will not have to worry about stepping over a bath or shower cubicle. By its nature, a walk-in shower is very minimalistic, and this will give your bathroom a very spacious and expansive appearance. The great advantage of a walk-in shower is that it will be very easy to clean as there will be no fiddly bits. The enclosure of a walk-in shower means that the water will be drained away in a timely fashion. Whereas when you have a wet room, the water will take time to dry, and you will not be able to use the bathroom right away until the water has dried up. On the other hand with a walk-in shower you will be able to use your bathroom right away.

Shower try or tiled floor

A shower tray is one of the most economical and space saving measures homeowners can have installed into their bathroom. By installing a shower tray into your bathroom, will allow you to create a more spacious bathroom than before. It also fits many customers’ ideas of what a bathroom should be like as there is a clear drainage for water.

Sometimes bathrooms can appear more open and spacious when you have the bathroom completely tiled. Bath cubicles or shower trays often take up a substantial amount of space and can restrict access in an unpleasing manner. A tiled floor will open your bathroom, and if you combine this with wall-hung facilities, it will create a bigger illusion of space.

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