Kitchen Design

We don’t just fit kitchens. We work with you to create exactly what you want in your home, from simple replacements to ambitious remodelling.

We have the experience and the skill, and we like nothing better than delivering a first class job exactly like you asked for. Find out more about how we work.

A properly planned kitchen can be a thing of beauty, and can transform a home – if it is properly planned and integrated.

A careful design will always be a benefit, and a professional installation will keep it in good working order for years to come.

Kitchen Installation Portsmouth

I begin by working with you to develop your ideas to create a workable project as I know what is involved in the installation, the pitfalls to avoid, and what has worked well with other customers.

Far too often we see people sold products without adequate thought into how it will fit into the home: we will work with you to realise your design and work backwards from there.

Want A New Kitchen? Or Just A Refresh, Then Get In Contact Today To Find Out More Information!

Kitchen Installation Southampton

I pride myself on quote accuracy and stick to the price we agree before the job starts. If we encounter unforeseen circumstances when stripping out existing installations, I will discuss it with you to suggest modifications if necessary – keeping our customers well informed is a key practice.

Installation typically requires a range of trade skills: carpentry, plumbing, tiling, electrics, glazing, flooring, plastering and decorating.

I act as project manager and a single point of contact, managing a team of ten tradesmen, many of whom I have worked with for over ten years.

When we start a job we commit to it, and I personally project manage to make sure the job runs efficiently with activity every day, with relevant trades scheduled to come in as they are required, order supplies to be delivered on time, and solve any problems along the way.

When we get the go-ahead we get cracking. A straight forward kitchen refit can be complete within 1 week, a refurbishment within 2 weeks and moderate building alterations usually within 3 weeks.