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Here at Aphex Homes, we have built up an excellent reputation and a loyal client base during our years of operation as kitchen design specialists. A made to measure kitchen has the ability to elevate an entire property to a higher level when it comes to previously unused potential and aesthetic appeal.

Our team can provide advice to help you find the design and style that is right for your home. Aside from the colour and style of your kitchen doors, key elements of your design will include worktops and flooring. Fortunately, we have the expertise and experience to assist you in choosing the styles of both.

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Kitchen Worktops

We at Aphex Homes understand that you’ll want your worktops to look as good as the rest of your designed space. That is why we have a variety of choices in look and texture on offer from budget laminate to more expensive stone and acrylic surfaces. Our team have the skills necessary to fabricate and install whatever type of worktop you choose. Some of the main options we have available include:


The most popular kitchen work surface today, we use Apollo work surfaces by Sherridens that are made from 93% quartz with the remaining 7% polymer resin. Offering the look and feel of granite, Apollo Quartz will provide a more consistent and solid colour for your kitchen worktop. Beautiful and elegant, Apollo Quartz offers the attributes of natural stone with enhanced colours and impact including mirror flecks and modern concrete colour options.


Granite worktops bring timeless beauty into every kitchen. Formed millions of years ago beneath the Earth’s surface, granite is one of the hardest materials on the planet. Granite worktops are therefore extremely hard-wearing and will not scratch under normal use. They are easy to clean and maintain; however, care should be taken as granite is a natural stone so it is porous and can leach some acidic liquids. Over thirty standard work surface colours are now available for you to choose from.


The original solid surface material, Corian was specifically designed as a worktop when it was first introduced in 1967. Corian worktops bring a balance of beauty and performance with their innovative designs and enduring build. Warm to the touch, with seamless joints and excellent resistance to water, stains and impact, Corian worktops come with a ten-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Solid Wood

Solid wood can be highly effective and striking in modern, traditional, and contemporary designs with many species and grains to choose from. Worktops made from solid wood are becoming less popular now due to the regular household maintenance required to protect them and keep the original lustre. However, with the correct maintenance, wooden work surfaces will provide natural beauty in your kitchen for many years to come.


Although a little less popular now that stone and solid surfaces have decreased in price, the original laminate worktop still has a place in the working kitchen. With decors that range from solid white through to wood reproductions and stone or granite representations, laminate offers the widest choice while remaining cost-effective. Durable, requiring virtually no maintenance and easy to install, laminate is a very flexible choice for your kitchen, and a sound choice if keeping to a budget.

Kitchen Flooring

We can offer you excellent kitchen flooring solutions that are functional as well as stylish. Due to the regular footfall, your kitchen flooring has to be visually striking as well as highly durable. If you are not sure which material would be the most appropriate choice for your design, then we would be happy to assist you. Refer to the following guide for more information on materials.

LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT is our flooring of choice not just for kitchens but for all areas of the home. Luxury vinyl tile come in a variety of different wood and stone textures that have been designed to effectively replicate the original material.

Quick to lay and easy to maintain, these floors are better than ceramic tile floors as they are warmer underfoot and won’t crack if impacted. This type of flooring is ideal for kitchens as it can take high levels of foot traffic without wear or scratching. This surface is also not affected if the surface gets wet, which can be a problem with wood and laminate floors.

Luxury vinyl tiles are typically two to three mm thick and are glued down onto a prepared flat surface, complementing the design of the room they are fitted in. Should a tile get damaged in the future, it can easily be lifted up and replaced without compromising the rest of the floor. These tiles can also be fitted over underfloor heating.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic kitchen tiles benefit from a hard top layer that makes them perfectly suited for high humidity areas. These types of tiles are also very tough and difficult to crack. Should a tile break due to severe accidental impact, replacing it can be difficult without affecting the surrounding areas of tiling, substrate, or underfloor heating if fitted.

Porcelain Tiles

High-quality porcelain tiles are popular for kitchens as they usually have a sleek, polished surface to reflect light and can present clean straight lines to the observer. They may need sealing against water staining when first fitted but after that their general durability and tough construction make them ideal for busy kitchen areas. It is worth mentioning though that polished porcelain tiles can become slippery when wet. Porcelain will also work perfectly with underfloor heating systems.

Real Wood

If you want a luxurious, authentic wood finish for your kitchen, look no further than our real wood flooring. Real wood is a solid and durable material that has been an excellent flooring choice for many years. What’s more, wood blends in with any kitchen design whether it be traditional or modern. We have a range of styles and finishes available for all of our real wood flooring options.

Engineered Wood

Made up of multiple layers of timber with a solid wood veneer, engineered wood flooring is designed to allow for wood expansion. This feature makes it an ideal choice to install over underfloor heating systems. This flooring type also has a high moisture tolerance level, perfect for combatting kitchen spillages.


Laminate is a tried and trusted option for those searching through kitchen flooring materials. Available from us in a variety of thicknesses, grade and colours, you can choose an option that is ideal for your design. Laminate flooring can have the appearance of authentic wood and other materials while retaining the durable qualities that make it perfect for kitchens.


Kitchen Refurbishment

“Some deconstruction required as well as removing existing units and floor levelling. Re-construction was well done, all the work of a high standard.”


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