Showers have long superseded baths as the go-to choice for homeowners, and they have become for many people an essential part of the daily routine. If you are keen to have a shower tailored to your modern lifestyle, at Aphex Home Installations, we can create a shower design that will be customised to the needs of your lifestyle and home.

Why select our shower design services?

As previously mentioned, the shower now plays an essential role in modern-day life, and many people cannot imagine leaving the house without showering. So if showering is an important part of your day-to-day routine, you will need a shower that delivers the results you want.

In many homes, the shower is still part of the bath unit and many people find that they do not use the bath at all thus rendering it useless. So if the bath is never used in your bathroom, how about selecting our wonderful shower design service? Our talented staff will take onboard all of your shower needs and create a shower room that is unique to your home.

Is your bathroom cramped? Our staff can design a wide range of shower rooms that will free up space and tailor to all of your needs. We will get rid of that cumbersome bath that you never use and can suggest in our shower design wall hung fittings such as toilets and sinks which will free up a significant amount of room.

Shower designers in Portsmouth

Alternatively, if your shower is not delivering the experience you deserve then why not have a new shower such as a digital shower or power shower installed alongside a new design. It will provide a showering experience that you will enjoy for a long time.

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What Aphex can provide for your new shower room?

As a company, we believe in providing an all-round shower design service for our customers to suit their budget and individual tastes. We can provide the following:

Walk-in shower rooms and wet rooms

Latest digital shower systems

Pumped showers and body jets

Range of different tiling

Furniture hung on the walls

Heating under the floor

Solid surfaces and composite countertops

Selection of fitted furniture