A wet room is the term given to a walk-in shower room that has been sealed to become totally waterproof. One key feature of wet rooms is that the shower is level with the floor. Aphex Home Installations has both the experience and skills to design a beautiful and functional wet room in your property.

Why select Aphex Home Installations for your wet room design needs?

A wet room is a wonderful investment for any home and should you sell it later on, it will help potential buyers distinguish your home from others on the market. Installing the wet room in your bathroom is a process that should not be taken lightly.

It is imperative that the designated bathroom is completely waterproofed, and the drain is perfectly aligned. By taking on the risks of installing the wet room yourself or hiring an inexperienced builder could prove to be extremely costly in repairs.

When you select Aphex Home Installations’ wet room design service, we will endeavour to ensure you are pleased with your new wet room installation. We have a wide range of waterproof tiling options so that you can receive a wet room that you will love.

Our company has years of experience in providing an excellent wet room design service for our customers in Hampshire. All wet rooms will be tailored to your property and will meet all of your wet room design needs. By selecting our company, you can expect an all-in-one service, and you will not have to hire any separate tradesmen during the installation of your wet room.

Wetroom Designers in Hampshire

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What customers can expect from our wet room design service

When designing your wet room, we will consider the following:

The best position for the base and drain

Any modifications to the floor structure

Help select suitable shower screens or shower panels

Offer a wide selection of slip resistant flooring like vinyl and tiles

Selection of room layouts and different shower options

Explain waterproofing and tanking