As our company are wet room specialists, we endeavour to ensure that every customer receives a wet room of the highest quality in their property. We will combine our years of experience with your demands to deliver your perfect wet room. Upon your request, we can guide you through the whole installation process to ensure you have peace of mind.

Why choose Aphex for your wet room fitting needs?

At Aphex Home Installations, we are dedicated to ensuring that every wet room is fitted to the highest standards. Due to the nature of the wet room, safety is an important concern for our company.

We can provide advice on slip resistant flooring and fit a wide range of flooring with slip resistant qualities to ensure that the risks of slipping are kept to a minimum.

Regardless of your bathroom size, Aphex Home Installations can fit a wet room in all types of bathrooms big or small. During all wet room fittings, we will personalise all designs and products to fit your property. The adaptable nature of wet rooms ensures it can be fitted in a plethora of rooms.

In all wet room fittings, our company only uses materials of the highest quality which helps to ensure that your property is protected from potential moisture damage and the wet room lasts for a long period of time.

We pride ourselves as a company in looking after all the little details, and our staff will show you and your property the utmost respect at all times.

Shower Design in Hampshire

If you feel Aphex Home Installations could help you with a wet room fitting then please call us today for a free survey and quotation.

What is included in our wet room fitting service?

Modifying your floor structure

Installation and provision of slip resistant flooring

Selection of the best location for shower base and drain

Different shower options

Provision of shower screens or shower panels